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KJ Luxury Homes is honored to be a premier Atlanta luxury home builder. For over 27 years,
we have been delivering to clients the homes of their dreams.

Amazing Craftsmanship

Atlanta Luxury Home Builder

​Our goal in building your home is to keep the stress out. We know how to help you in the selection process and deliver a home that truly moves you.

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Growing Green

KJ Luxury Homes continues to reinvent itself to serve the changing times. In the journey toward the construction of energy-efficient homes, utilization of sustainable products and the growing green movement, Kamran and his team continue to advise and consult based upon the changing needs of families toward efficiency in energy and space. As younger families enter the home buying market, the team at KJ Luxury Homes recognizes their needs and desires for efficiency.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue to be the reliable and trustworthy name in custom-built homes and to serve clients regardless of the scope of the project. Through Kamran’s personable approach and the commitment to high craftsmanship and delivery of competitive results, KJ Luxury Homes continues to guide families through a smooth and seamless journey toward home ownership.

We Value Our Clients

"It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial. We cannot be more pleased with our new house. The expedience and competence used to construct our home and the professionalism throughout the home building process made building our custom home a delight. The attention to details in the interior and exterior of the home met all our expectations and we could not be any happier with the quality and craftsmanship. "


"We have truly enjoyed purchasing a home from KJ Luxury Homes. Our expectations were exceeded and we are so pleased to have chosen one of their homes. There are so many upgrades that were already included with the home. The entire team has been very responsive, efficient and extremely patient. Thank you for building our family such a beautiful home!"

Dollie Horton

"Working with KJ Luxury Homes has been a wonderful experience! We were very impressed with the construction quality. We had a smooth transition to closing and were very happy with the entire process!"

Maggie Strickland

"From the beginning, the builders at KJ Luxury Homes have been delightful to work with. All the team members have been informative and were there every step of the way as we customized our dream home by making important selections from tiles, granite, paint colors to light fixtures and appliances. As we settle in, we find more about our home that we love and enjoy!"


Mr. Jalali, I can't believe we are finally here! This moment of cosing & moving into our dream home is hands down the best day of our lives as a couple with that happiness comes a bit of sadness that our journey with you is coming to a close. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for giving such an incredible experience that we look back on with such fun and positive memories. it is not lost on us that you took a chance on a young couple and changed our lives. We fully appreciate the many breaks you gave us along the way. We could not have done it without you. Your kindness, resourcefullness and generousity is something we will never forget; we can’t wait to tell our future children about the journey and experience of this house someday. I don’t know how we got lucky finding you, but I believe it was meant to be. You’re made for your career. Thank you.

The Smiths

Quality Details

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the upgraded features that come included in many of our homes. At KJ Luxury Homes we believe new homeowners deserve quality details.

While you can rest assured that any of our move-in-ready homes are going to be stunning options for you to call home, we also give you the opportunity to choose the home site of your dreams in one of our communities. Call now to find out about our latest builds.

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